Bitmap Poemarium by Gonzalo Reyes Araos

Book Launch and Artist Talk

 April 13, 2023, 6pm 

Launch activity of the publication “BITMAP POEMARIUM”, an artist book that brings together a collection of 33 conceptual poems. In a nod to the Surrealist’s “automatic writing,” practices of the early 20th century, the artist has created a form of poetry by limiting his composition to the predictive text prompts suggested by his phone. Drawing on ideas cited by the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, the artist believes that over time, the use of his mobile phone has made it an extension of his own neural system and that therefore, part of his own subconscious resides in the memory of the electronic device. The poems were transformed into a “bitmap” code, to make the computer interpret each word as a colour code. These images go along with the poems, while the viewer is able to read the inside and outside of a digital image.

Gracelee Lawrence’s exhibition has been reviewed in Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine!

“In “Collected Trot”, Gracelee Lawrence presents a solo exhibition of her sculptural works for the first time in Europe at Galerie Peter Gaugy in Vienna. Moving through scans of her own body which are alternatingly cropped, shrunken or elongated, she engages a dance-like rhythm with repetitions of fruits, vegetables and gently hinted-at floral arrangements.”(Read more: Les Nouveaux Riches)

Galerie Peter Gaugy is a member of the Gallery Climate Coalition. An international group of art galleries that pledge to find ways to lower the carbon footprint of the art industry.

Galerie Peter Gaugy is a proud member of the Gallery Climate Coalition, an international group of art galleries that pledge to find ways to lower the carbon footprint of the art industry.

We are committed to finding and supporting the most sustainable practices to have a meaningful reduction in global emmissions. Read more about the organization here: 

The Art Newspaper: The Green Debate: How can the art market recover sustainability.

Our exhibition Hoch wie nie: imaginary landscapes and the creatures who live there, featuring Leila Seyedzadeh and Marlene Bart has been featured in the Italian art magazine Art a Part of Culture Magazine with an interview with Leila Seyedzadeh. Read the interview in Italian here: Tessere in Connesione 

The VR (virtual reality) project “Theatrum Radix”  that was recently exhibited at GALERIE Peter Gaugy in the exhibition: Hoch wie nie: imaginary landscapes and the animals who live there by artist Marlene Bart is the subject of an article (available in both English and German) available on the mediasphere of the Museum of Natural History, Berlin.  This multi-year project was conceived by Marlene Bart in cooperation with the Natural History Museum, the Tieratomisches Theater, Berlin, and the renowned digital art studio, Ikonospace.

Here is a link to the article: Virtual Natural Order Between Art and Science

Our exhibition “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was featured in Kunstmagazin Parnass. The cover image is Erwin Wurm’s “Berg 23” (2017) a cast bronze sculpture and studio hammer. This exhibition, curated by Mari Otberg, brought together 33 contemporary artists with the theme of “Mountain.” 

GALERIE Peter Gaugy – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough 

Featuring: Iris Andraschek, Christy Astuy, Manfred Bockelmann, Armin Boehm, Nana Dix, Martin Eder, Lars Eidinger, Andrew Gilbert, Esther Haase, Siggi Hofer, Christian Hutzinger, Karin Kneffel, Hinrich Kröger, Christopher Lehmpfuhl, William Mackrell, Jonathan Meese, Anna Meyer, Mari Otberg, Justine Otto, Martin Parr, Danielle de Picciotto, Katrin Plavčak, Lukas Pusch, Christian Ruschitzka, Alex Ruthner, Hubert Schmalix, Erik Schmidt, Norbert Schwontkowski, Christian Stock, Maja Vukoje, Letizia Werth, Nives Widauer, Erwin Wurm