Current Exhibition:

Lauren Nickou: “Waves” 7 September to 14 October 2023  

Solo-exhibition of new paintings by Viennese-based American artist Lauren Nickou.  Poetic and lush, Lauren Nickou’s new paintings channel the serenity of an otherworldly nature. The colors are deliciously luminous. Whether large mellow waters or mysteriously dark waves—all is done in a palette that belongs to a different place. A saffron-yellow crescent moon hangs in the crimson sky; rocks are scarlet and washed in neon blue splashes, the ripples iridescent. A true indulgence in vivid contrasts and intense bold shades, Nickou’s landscapes are full of life, although deserted. The very sea appears like a living creature with her shining body spreading and coiling under the sky ablaze.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Ariadne Randall: “The Meltiverse – Teil 1” 10 November to 17 November 2023  

In a special exhibition to be held in conjunction with Vienna Art Week, American artist, composer, and writer Ariadne Randall will present the inaugural part of her project titled, the “Meltiverse.”

“In a world made strange by human action, subjects struggle to cohere. Seas melt, art feeds AI. All that is solid melts into banks. We’re suspended in a hurricane with our dining table and chablis 10,000 meters in the air, telling stories of the ground. 

Proposing that our poly-crisis is at heart a crisis of imagination, Ariadne Randall’s Meltiverse project de- and re-constructs the given using image, text, and sound. “Meltiverse – Teil 1” contains the first part of this research: video installations, drawings, wearables, 3D renders, excerpts from a novel, and modified instruments. 

The works draw on her lived trans* experience, Jack Halberstam’s low theory, and the ever-presence of the archive. While men with goggle toys sell us our world but worse, the artist asks what stories of difference we might tell instead. What might a monster know that we could learn? What was your original face before your parents were born?”


Question Me and Answer: QM&A Artist Collective (2023) – 23 November to 3 December 2023  

Participating artists:

Leo Trotsenko & Ana de Almeida 

Carlos Vergara & Anna Khodorkovskaya 

 – curated by Justina Špeirokaitė

Yuliia Strykovska & Julian Palacz 

Marina Leo Shamov & Valentino Skarwan 

Nellya Dzhamanbaeva & Roswitha Weingrill 

– curated by Deniz Güvensoy

Zeynab Kirikou Gueye & Frederik Marroquín 

Joseph Mong Sum Leung & Elham Hadian 

Antonie Bernadova & Leo Lisa Begeré 

– curated by Natalia Gurova

Artists selected by an external jury comprised of: Peter Gaugy (Galerie Peter Gaugy),Laura Amann (Kunsthalle Wien),Heike Maier-Rieper (evn sammlung)

Marlene Bart – Opening 8 February, 2024 

New work by Berlin artist Marlene Bart in a solo-exhibition featuring installation, handmade printwork, sculpture, and a multi-part Virtual Reality piece.   

Past Exhibitions:

Andrew Gilbert : “Emperor Andrew’s vision of the flowers of Hlobane blossoming on the fields of Königgrätz, 1866” 11 May – 30 June 2023 

 …the sky is falling asleep on the desk of the time… a solo exhibition by Gonzalo Reyes Araos: 16 March – 28 April 2023

Collected Trot, a solo exhibition by Gracelee Lawrence – 15 December 2022 – 18 February 2023

Sommerfrische:Mechanische Landschaften, a solo-exhibition by Christian Ruschitzka 6 October to 26 November 2022

Hoch wie nie: imaginary landscapes and the creatures who live there: 21 May – 9 July 2022
Leila Seyedzadeh & Marlene Bart


In focus: 23 March - 7 May 2022, Christian Ruschitzka, Mona Pourebrahim, Gonzalo Reyes Araos & Tamara Repetto

AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH, curated by Mari Otberg: 15 December 2021 - 19 February 2022 featuring 33 artists addressing the theme of 'Mountain' in their work

Iris Andraschek Christy Astuy Manfred Bockelmann Armin Boehm  Nana Dix Martin Eder Lars Eidinger Andrew Gilbert Esther Haase Siggi Hofer Christian Hutzinger Karin Kneffel Hinrich Kröger Christopher Lehmpfuhl William Mackrell Jonathan Meese Anna Meyer Mari Otberg Justine Otto Martin Parr Danielle de Picciotto Katrin Plavčak Lukas Pusch Christian Ruschitzka Alex Ruthner Hubert Schmalix Erik Schmidt Norbert Schwontkowski Christian Stock Maja Vukoje Letizia Werth Nives Widauer Erwin Wurm

naturae: 27 August - 30 October 2021 Gonzalo Reyes Araos, Marlene Bart, Mona Pourebrahim, Tamara Repetto