Mona Pourebrahim

Mona Pourebrahim (*1985) is an artist whose work is reassessing contemporary landscape painting by exploring the endless painterly possibilities inherent in the genre. 

Coming from Tehran, a city of millions dominated by the towering Alborz mountain range, the natural world always stood in stark contrast for her to human affairs. Her work confronts the German romantic landscape tradition by deftly incorporating non-Western compositional elements of light and perspective to create pictorial tension.

Rather than idealizing the mountains, she reminds us, by creating abstract planes and circular forms that convey mists, and jagged peaks and sudden drops, of the mountain’s power to bring out our fears of solitude and a foreboding sense of the unknown. Perhaps it is for this reason that the traces of human activity often present in her paintings fill the viewer with both a sense of dismay and comfort. 

Mona Pourebrahim studied art at the University of Arts, Tehran, (and privately under Prof. Masoumeh Mozafari and Prof. Ahmad Vakili)  the Kunstakademie Münster under Prof. Cornelius Völker, and the Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Dresden, under Prof. Ralf Kerbach. She lives and works in Dresden and Berlin. 

Photo by Babak Bordbar
Mona Pourebrahim, Silber Teich, Oil on Canvas 50 x 37 cm
Mona Pourebrahim, Finsterwald, Oil on Canvas 50 x 37 cm