Ariadne Randall

Ariadne Randall is an American artist, composer, and writer based in Vienna. Her work practices worldbuilding through transmedia narrative. Through strategies of material depth and formal juxtaposition, she creates spaces for imagination in sound, language, and image. She holds degrees in classical composition and contemporary art from UCLA and Bard MFA. She has performed widely, from Lincoln Center to countless basements; been a part of work featured in the BBC, CNN, and Artforum; participated in the SPRING, ImageTanz, and Musiktheatertage festivals; and will premiere her first performance work, Reverse Cowgirl β, at Brut, Vienna, through the Huggy Bears Mentorship Program. 

The child of a traveling apocalyptic evangelist and a Gospel singer who roamed America’s Bible Belt, her practice is rooted in a fusion of influences derived from Zen kōans, low theory, postwar American experimentalism, Medieval aural and visual forms, contemporary digital culture, and poetry. She previously lived in New York City, where she organized underground venues, zines, and radio. Her scores for theater and film have been shown in New York, Hollywood, London, Canada, and South Korea. Her writing has been published in Prelude Magazine and elsewhere. She is an Austrian National Residency Fellow for Music (BMKÖS), was a research assistant in ancient music at UCLA, and spent ten years in Rinzai Zen training.