Ariadne Randall's Meltiverse: Teil 1 - 9 November - 17 November 2023

In a special exhibition to be held in conjunction with Vienna Art Week, American artist, composer, and writer Ariadne Randall will present the inaugural part of her project titled, “Meltiverse.”

In a world made strange by human action, subjects struggle to cohere. Seas rise, art feeds AI. All that is solid melts into banks. We’re suspended in a hurricane with our dining table and Chablis 10,000 meters in the air, telling stories of the ground. 

Proposing that our poly-crisis is at heart a crisis of imagination, Ariadne Randall’s Meltiverse project de- and re-constructs the given using image, text, and sound. “Meltiverse: Teil 1” contains the first part of this research: video installations, drawings, wearables, 3D renders, excerpts from a novel, and modified instruments. 

The works draw on her lived trans* experience, Jack Halberstam’s low theory, and the ever-presence of the archive. While men with goggle toys sell us our world but worse, the artist asks what stories of difference we might tell instead. What might a monster know that we could learn? What was your original face before your parents were born?