“Our mission is to present artists of uncompromising quality to institutions, collectors, and the public through provocative exhibitions, unique projects, and innovative digital channels.” 


GALERIE Peter Gaugy is a gallery existing in both a physical context in Vienna, Austria and in the digital space. Presenting artists that are exploring different artistic positions and new modalities of the imagination, the gallery seeks to bring recognition to these exceptional individuals through innovative approaches. 

The gallery is also in dialogue with the extraordinary repository of cultural knowledge that is Vienna. The city with its wealth of museums, institutions, curators and galleries is an important center of contemporary art, as well as the birthplace of modernism.

Whether onsite in our 130 square meter exhibition space, or across various media channels, we want each contact point with the gallery to deepen the viewer’s understanding of the salient art being created today.

Raised by parents who met in an art studio in the Montparnasse district of Paris, Peter Gaugy spent his childhood between France and San Francisco, and was exposed to the world of art and culture from an early age. He began his career in the wine industry, first at a winery in Northern California, and then in Manhattan. 

While living in New York he had an opportunity to work in a contemporary art gallery, and found it a natural fit. Later he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, the third largest art market in the United States, where he worked with a variety of contemporary arts organizations and was eventually elected to be president of the Santa Fe Gallery Association. 

Peter Gaugy brings his two decades of experience in art galleries to Vienna. Beyond contemporary art, he also has a passion for wandering the Alps, and exploring museums and opera houses worldwide.