Gonzalo Reyes Araos

Gonzalo Reyes Araos (* 1980) is a research artist who is interested in the intersection of light, communication and human perception. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Valparaíso, Chile and today divides his time between the arid Atacama desert in Chile, where he hosts an artist residency program, and his studio in Berlin. 

Long interested in the differing qualities of light in various locations around the world, he became aware how digital communication flattens our sense of space, in essence by breaking up the original  analog waveform into packets just as a prism does light, and reassembling the images on our screens across vast distances. 

Using the same three colors as digital screens, he represents this fragmentation by assembling tiny bits of painted paper into abstract grids that that seem to pulsate with energy as our brains seek to consolidate the images into a cohesive whole. 

 His work has been exhibited in numerous project spaces, institutions and galleries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas and is part of a number of collections such as the Shandong Art Museum, China; Corporación Cultural de Viña del Mar; Casa de Cultura de Limache, Chile and private collections in Switzerland, Chile, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and South Korea.


I use elements borrowed from the everyday means of communication – screens, video conference devices – in order to share natural events “broadcasted” through long distances, thus generating parallel and ubiquitous dimensions amplifying the relationships we maintain with spiritual experiences through the technology.