"Bei der Ausstellung SOMMERFRISCHE zeigt Christian Ruschitzka Mechanische Landschaften" October 6, 2022 to November 26, 2022

We are pleased to present “bei der Ausstellung SOMMERFRISCHE zeigt Christian Ruschitzka mechanische Landschaften” a solo exhibition of works by Christian Ruschitzka. The Austrian artist employs a conceptual-based practice to explore the essential materiality of the practical, everyday world in which we all live.

The Mechanical Landscapes are a series of works that follow this particular way of thinking. This includes manipulations of everyday objects or interventions in everyday life in order to irritate the viewer and break through rigid thinking. The aim of this work is to free these objects and routines from the banality of their existence. Incidentally, normal life situations become events and familiar images from nature or culture are reinterpreted in a surprising way.

The exhibition includes different media such as marble and metal sculptures, drawings, prints and videos.

An idea of quasi-redemption runs through Ruschitzka’s work. Rather than focusing on an otherworldly transcendence, Ruschitzka challenges us to reflect on the possibilities of redemption in the material world that surrounds us, and can reinterpretations of everyday objects help us revive an innate sense of humor and curiosity?