Those Dimensionless Feelings (2022) Silk PDA 3D print, steel 165 x 65 x 110 cm unique piece

Gracelee Lawrence: extended until February 18, 2023 

Exhibiting for the first time in Europe, New York-based artist Gracelee Lawrence is presenting a series of her pioneering 3D-printed sculptures. NY Times critic Roberta Smith recently wrote that “Lawrence ingenuously exploits her small 3D printers” and described her work as “mouthwatering”, “gorgeous” and “covetable.” Working from scans of her own body and various plant and fruit forms, these digital files render the organic into works of startling originality.

Gracelee Lawrence (*1989) Her work deals with relationships between food, the body, and technology. It is born in the transfigurative space between physical and digital reality, exploring the ways in which bodies are both gendered and metaphorically fragmented in terms of capitalist-driven material desires, physical sustenance, and the digital spaces we inhabit.

Gracelee Lawrence’s exhibition has been reviewed in Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine!

“In “Collected Trot”, Gracelee Lawrence presents a solo exhibition of her sculptural works for the first time in Europe at Galerie Peter Gaugy in Vienna. Moving through scans of her own body which are alternatingly cropped, shrunken or elongated, she engages a dance-like rhythm with repetitions of fruits, vegetables and gently hinted-at floral arrangements.”(Read more: Les Nouveaux Riches)