Dark Botanicals

20 June to 20 July

Theres Cassini | Ernst Lima | Lauren Nickou | Ariadne Randall | Letizia Werth | Hamid Yaraghchi

Exhibition text by curator Laura Amann

Installation shot featuring work of Letizia Werth, Lauren Nickou, and Hamid Yaraghchi. From left to right, Werth works of graphite, black ink, and sealed by an acrylic wash on un-primed canvas, a Nickou painting of sunflowers in greens and yellows on a red background through the door, and a Yaraghchi oil on canvas painting of a body in the woods in an Autumn palette.
Installation shot featuring work of Letizia Werth, Lauren Nickou, and Hamid Yaraghchi. (Photo Kunst Dokumentation, 2024)
Installation shot of two Lauren Nickou paintings photographed at a corner angle. A large one on the left, in green, yellow, and blue colors on a dark red and green background, and two smalls works on the right. The first an abstract with blues and violet flowers, and the second with yellow and green withering sunflowers on a black background.
Installation shot of two Lauren Nickou paintings. (Photo Kunst Dokumentation, 2024)
Three pieces are present, from left two right. First through the door is a distant Lima textile print on leatherette, on the wall is a digital print of an abstracted body that is seemingly floating in a process of transformation. The palette is whites and pinks on a black background of stretched latex. On the sculpture pedestal is Theres Cassini's sculpture "Das Unausweichliche" depicts an small clay figure lying on her back with outstretched hands dying in a forest of coral. The colors are Autumn like.
Installation shot with work by Ernst Lima and Theres Cassini. (Photo Kunst Dokumentation, 2024)
Installation image with four paintings by Hamid Yaraghchi set on an angle. On on the left side, one straight on, and the last two on the right side. The paintings are all in Autumn colors and depict bodies in the woods. The gallery has white walls and a gray floor.
Installation image of four paintings by Hamid Yaraghchi. (Photo Kunst Dokumentation, 2024)
A video projection of a figure lying down and a hand touching between two translucent breasts made out of an acrylic molded material and strapped on to symbolize gender-transition. The color palatte is blues with fog and a light source from above.
Still from Ariadne Randall video work entitled "Form & Void (Water Dream 2)" (2024) Video work edition 3 + 2 AP (Photo Kunst Dokumentation, 2024)