Opening December 15, 2022

Gracelee Lawrence:  Opening December 15, 2022

Exhibiting for the first time in Europe, New York-based artist Gracelee Lawrence will present a series of her pioneering 3_D printed sculptures. NY Times critic Roberta Smith recently wrote that “Lawrence ingenuously exploits her small 3-D printers and described her work as “mouthwatering”, “gorgeous” and “covetable.” Working from scans of her own body and various plant and fruit forms, these digital files render the organic into works of startling originality.

Gracelee Lawrence (*1989) Her work deals with relationships between food, the body, and technology. It is born in the transfigurative space between physical and digital reality, exploring the ways in which bodies are both gendered and metaphorically fragmented in terms of capitalist-driven material desires, physical sustenance, and the digital spaces we inhabit.


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photo credit : Pablo Hassmann

Gonzalo Reyes Araos: Digital Ties – Opening March 2, 2023

Having recently returned to Berlin after seven months of working with artists in the Atacama desert in northern Chile, Gonzalo Reyes Araos will present a new series of works inspired by his experiences. These works use the three colors of modern digital screens but are transferred to an analog form by using multiple strips of painted paper assembled onto grids. The artist is interested in the fragmentation of our daily lives through our almost spiritual obsession with devices.

Gonzalo Reyes Araos (*1980) is a research artist who is interested in the intersection of light, communication and human perception. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Valparaíso, Chile and today divides his time between the arid Atacama desert in Chile, where he hosts an artist residency program, and his studio in Berlin.

Andrew Gilbert (photo credit: Lars Spillmann)

Andrew Gilbert – Opening Spring 2023

Scottish artist Andrew Gilbert will be presenting a solo exhibition of his works for the first time in Vienna. Long-known for his radical installations, drawings, and paintings that address the historic and ongoing violence of imperialism in imaginative ways, Gilbert reminds us that we are far from the postcolonial future that we would like to envision. In his upcoming exhibition, Andrew Gilbert will continue to confront our romantic notions of the past by showing us that empires of oppression are very much alive, from today’s great power games playing out on the geo-political stage to the everyday violence used to bring products to the market.

Andrew Gilbert (*1980 Edinburgh, Scotland) is an artist whose work uncovers the absurdist insanity of the modern Western imperial project by mixing historical episodes from the violent British empire with the continuing damage of the successive hegemons from the American empire, to security pacts and the brutal extractive tendencies of global capital.